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Wine Love Weekend CHEAT SHEET

What’s your joy when you visit wineries? Complimentary tastings? Games? Some lovely snacks? Use this Cheat Sheet to help find your way to everything you love on Virginia Wine Love Weekend May 13 & 14.

Note: All fifty participating wineries will have a "Reserved for Virginia Wine Love" table set up for us, so we can chit and chat and meet and greet. Yay us! But there's LOTS more going on...for all those details and more on the activities below, go here.

Complimentary Tastings, Bonus Pours, and/or Complimentary Vintage Pours

Northern Virginia

  • Breaux Vineyards (complimentary glass of wine at arrival reception)

  • Chateau O’Brien (bonus vintage pours)

  • Gray Ghost Vineyards (bonus vintage pours)

  • Morais Vineyards (bonus sparkling pour)

  • Old Farm Winery at Hartland (complimentary tastings both days)

  • Three Fox Vineyards (barrel samples)

Central Virginia

  • DuCard Vineyards (small tasting with tour)

  • King Family Vineyards (bonus pours)

  • Veritas Vineyards (bonus vintage pours)

Shenandoah Valley

  • Briede Family Vineyards (tasting with tour)

  • Brix & Columns Vineyard (two-for-one tastings)

Chesapeake Bay/Northern Neck

  • Ingleside Vineyards (two-for-one tastings)

Blue Ridge Region

  • Villa Appalaccia (“Mommosa” bonus pour)

Doggie Treats

· Special treats for furry friends from Virginia Wine Dogs blogger Terri Hauser and friend Prosecco at these dog-friendly wineries in Northern Virginia.

o Saturday: 8 Chains North Winery, 11-2; Breaux Vineyards, 2:30-5:30

o Sunday: Fox Meadow Vineyards, 12-2:15; Three Fox Vineyards, 2:30-5

Also, Dog Treat Flights from Three Fox Vineyards (while supplies last)

Tours with the Winemakers and Owners

Northern Virginia

· Fox Meadow Vineyards

· Gray Ghost Vineyards

· Magnolia Vineyards

Central Virginia

· DuCard Vineyards

· Hark Vineyards

· Horton Vineyards (with reservation)

· Veritas Vineyards (with reservation)

Shenandoah Valley

· Briede Family Vineyards

Southern Virginia

· Hunting Creek Vineyards

Book Signings

Northern Virginia

868 Estate Vineyards (Mystery Writer Ellen Crosby)

Central Virginia

Chisholm Vineyards (Virginia Wine Author Richard Leahy)

Swap Stories with Well-Traveled Wine Writers & Influencers

Northern Virginia

Paul Armstrong & Warren Richard – Virginia's original wine bloggers, Virginia Wine Time

  • Saturday: Gray Ghost Vineyards, 12-2

Terri Hauser – Virginia Wine Dogs blog

  • Saturday: 8 Chains North Winery, 11-2; Breaux Vineyards, 2:30-5:30

  • Sunday: Fox Meadow Vineyards, 12-2:15; Three Fox Vineyards, 2:30-5

Kelly MacConomy – Wine and Arts Writer, The Zebra magazine

  • Saturday: Little Washington Winery, 1:30 (Reservations required)

  • Sunday: 868 Estate Vineyards

Kyle Zimmerman - Photographer and Quaff with Kyle social media influencer

  • Sunday: Williams Gap Vineyard, 12-2:00

Central Virginia

Nancy Bauer – Virginia Wine Love founder; Author, Virginia Wine Travel Journal

  • Saturday: Mountain & Vine (formerly Delfosse Vineyards), 12-1:30

  • Sunday: Horton Vineyards, 1-2:30

Richard Leahy – Author, Beyond Jefferson’s Vines: The Evolution of Quality Wine in Virginia; Virginia Governor’s Cup competition judge

  • Saturday: Chisholm Vineyards (Central VA), 12-3

Queen Nadjma – Virginia Wine Love Ambassador (Instagram @judietoile

  • Saturday: King Family Vineyards, 11-1pm, Pollak Vineyards from 1:30-3:00, Flying Fox Vineyard, 4-5:30

Paige Poprocky – Sips & Trips with Paige blog

  • Saturday: Afton Mountain Vineyards, 11-1; Veritas Vineyards, 1:30-3:30

Shenandoah Valley

Kathy Weidemann – Virginia Governor’s Cup competition judge

  • Saturday: North Mountain Vineyards (Shenandoah Valley)

Chesapeake Bay / Northern Neck

Terri Newman-Hyde - Atlantic Seaboard Wine Association & Chesapeake Bay Wine Trail

Saturday: Ingleside Vineyards (Chesapeake Bay Region), 12 - 3

Complimentary Snacks

Northern Virginia

· Chateau O’Brien

· Endhardt Vineyards

Central Virginia

· Delfosse Vineyards

· Hardware Hills Winery

Shenandoah Valley

· Briede Family Vineyards

Chesapeake Bay / Northern Neck

· The Hague Winery

Blue Ridge Region

· Villa Appalaccia

Gold Medal Wineries

See the eighteen Virginia Gold Medal Trail Passport wineries here.

Baby Goat Snuggles

Central Virginia

· Chateau MerrillAnne

· Fables & Feathers (with reservation)

Specialty Flights

Northern Virginia

· Food & Wine at Fox Meadow (by reservation) and Good Spirit Farm

· Wine & Chocolate at Doukenie Vineyards, and Little Washington Winery (by reservation)

Central Virginia

· Truffle & Wine at Fables & Feathers Winery

· Wine & Chocolate at Chateau MerrillAnne

· Gold Medal Flights at Chestnut Oak Vineyard, Chisholm Vineyards, Pollak Vineyards

Hampton Roads

  • Virginia Wine Love Wine Flight at New Kent Winery – featuring our acclaimed Reserve Chardonnay, White Merlot, Cab Franc and Norton (fee)


Northern Virginia

· Blind Tasting Competition at Good Spirit Farm

· Scavenger Hunt at Good Spirit Farm

· Trivia at Little Washington Winery (by reservation)

· Trivia at Magnolia Vineyards

Central Virginia

· Trivia at DuCard Vineyards

Chesapeake Bay/Northern Neck

· Pop-up Games and Giveaways at The Hague Winery

Southern Virginia

· Trivia & Crossword Games at Hunting Creek Vineyard

Evening Activities

Northern Virginia

· 868 Estate Vineyards

Central Virginia

· Knight’s Gambit Vineyards

BYO Picnic

Central Virginia

· Pollak Vineyards (with reservation)


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