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Check off your Gold Medal Wine Trail Passport on Virginia Wine Love Weekend

If you're a Virginia wine lover, few things excite you more than the spring email announcing this year's Gold Medal Wine Trail Passport.

Not only has someone (thank you, Virginia Wine Board Marketing Office!) put together a FREE check-off-able trail map app of all the gold medal-winning wineries, cideries, and meaderies from this year's Virginia Governor's Cup competition, but they've also made the Passport a prize-earner: you earn prizes as you check them off. It's the very definition of a wine win-win!

This year, the Passport includes 66 gold medal wineries for you to visit.

And...wait for it...

18 of the Gold Medal Wineries are part of Virginia Wine Love Weekend on May 13/14!

So when you stop by one of these Gold Medal Wineries on May 13 or 14, you not only get to check off your Gold Medal Trail Passport, you also get entered in the Virginia Wine Gives Back Giveaway of prizes when you check in at the Reserved for Virginia Wine Love-ers table!

The Gold Medal wineries can't wait to see you!

Northern Virginia

Central Virginia

DelFosse Vineyards and Winery (now Mountain & Vine Vineyards)

Hark Vineyards

Shenandoah Valley

Chesapeake Bay / Northern Neck

Ingleside Vineyards

Southern Virginia

*See the prizes you can earn when you check off wineries in the Gold Medal Passport here.


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