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Who's Writing About Virginia Wine

There's no shortage of writers focusing on Virginia wine. Here's a sampling of the best.

JIM LAW. Owner of Linden Vineyards, Jim has been called the Oracle of Virginia Wine. His blog is as much a work of art as his grapes, and his articles in the Virginia Vineyards Association's Grape Press newsletter are an important chronicle.

VIRGINIA WINE TIME. Paul Armstrong and Warren Richard started the first Virginia wine blog and still regularly publish detailed site visit reports.

FRANK MORGAN. Founder of the Drink What YOU Like blog and Virginia Wine Chat video series, Frank now writes about wine regions all over the world but still weighs in regularly with thoughtful, well-researched stories about Virginia wine. Frank is a judge for the Virginia Governor's Cup competition and the director of the Shenandoah Wine Trail Cup awards, and writes the wine column for the Virginian-Pilot.

RICHARD LEAHY. Richard blogs about all aspects of Virginia wine, in addition to wine from other regions. Richard is the author of the book, Beyond Jefferson's Vines: The Evolution of Quality Wine in Virginia and a judge in the Virginia Governor's Cup competition.

DONNA GOUGH. Donna's book, Handy Guide to Virginia Wine Country, is the only winery-by-winery guide out there. She's on her 10th edition.

MATT FITZSIMMONS. Matt holds the extremely rare distinction of having visited all of Virginia's wineries and now blogs at Wine Trails & Wanderlust. Matt's blog is the home of two important document that he maintains: a list of rare grapes grown in Virginia, and the most up-to-date list of operating wineries, cideries, and meaderies. Matt writes the wine column for the Old Town Crier magazine.

ANDREW HODSON. The owner of Veritas Vineyards in Afton, Andrew writes an occasional blog that covers a wide-ranging assortment of topics happening at Veritas. It's a great place to get an inside peak at winery life.

GRAPE PRESS NEWSLETTER, VIRGINIA VINEYARDS ASSOCATION. The quarterly Grape Press is the best place for technical information about growing grapes in Virginia.

LUCA PASCHINA. Barboursville Vineyards' General Manager and Primary Winemaker Luca Paschina's occasional Notes from the Winemaker read like a a cross between poetry and a suspense novel. Here's a quote from 2021's newsletter, titled "A Vintage to Treasure": The season opened with a familiar note of suspense: fine March weather presented us with such an early bud break across our vineyards, as to heighten our concern for returning frost. In fact two nights of frost danger had to be fended off, and largely were, by our wind machines and 600 heaters.


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