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Best Wine Tasting Deals: VA Wine Love Weekend

Wineries are sharing the love in a big way with their most loyal fans and followers on Virginia Wine Love Weekend, May 13 and 14, 2023.

Here are some of the most generous poured perks you'll find, just for checking in at the Virginia Wine Love table when you arrive! (Check dates/times and pre-registration info here. Most wineries don't require pre-registration.)

Complimentary Tastings, Bonus Pours, and/or Complimentary Vintage Pours

Northern Virginia

· Breaux Vineyards (complimentary glass of wine during Arrival Meet & Greet)

· Chateau O’Brien (bonus vintage pours)

· Gray Ghost Vineyards (bonus vintage pours)

· Morais Vineyards (bonus sparkling pour)

· Old Farm Winery at Hartland (complimentary tastings both days)

· Three Fox Vineyards (barrel samples)

· Two Twisted Posts (bonus pours of gold medal wines)

· Walsh Family Wines (half-priced bar tastings; wines from Walsh and North Gate library for sampling)

Central Virginia

· DuCard Vineyards (small tasting with tour)

· King Family Vineyards (bonus pours)

· Veritas Vineyards (bonus vintage pours)

Shenandoah Valley

· Briede Family Vineyards (tasting with tour)

· Brix & Columns Vineyard (two-for-one tastings)

· North Mountain Vineyards (half-priced flights)

Chesapeake Bay/Northern Neck

· Ingleside Vineyards (two-for-one tastings)

Blue Ridge Region

· Villa Appalaccia (“Mommosa” bonus pour)

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